Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service


New South Wales




Newborn Emergency Transport Service


Hansen & Yunken




16 Weeks


February 2017

INTREC were engaged by NSW Health to relocate the existing Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS) facility from its existing location within Westmead Hospital, to a new facility located at Bankstown Airport. NETS wanted to maximise the opportunity for collaboration, efficiency and flexibility for the future. This project therefore consisted of a refurbishment to the existing building services and the installation of new services required to meet the specific need of the NETS team. Including the refurbishment, INTREC constructed a new opened aired carpark for NETS staff and visitors, including building covered parking to facilitate the ambulance bay and equipment.

The existing building was located on the boundary of a 24-hour operational airport, with the rear of the building being classified as airside. INTREC had to adhere to Bankstown Airports strict guidelines when working within this environment, which included height restriction on cranes, dust management, sediment control and ensuring security to the airport was always maintained. The main feature of the project was adapting the building with all existing external elements required to be upgraded, to achieve an extremely high acoustic rating due to the nature of the work of NETS.

This project demonstrates INTREC’s ability to deliver a valuable facility in a high security area.

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