RMIT University Building 7 Electron Beam / LPCVD Furnace Installation & B7 Nitrogen Remediation






Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Property Services


Root Partnerships


RMIT Minor Works


14 Weeks


December 2019

RMIT University and Root Partnerships sought an experienced Head Contractor to deliver complex upgrades within Level 4, Building 7 of its City Campus. The project was comprised of three major components: nitrogen pipework upgrades, the installation of a new Low pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition (LPVCD) system and the installation of an Electron Beam Lithography System (E-Beam).

The Nitrogen pipework upgrades included the replacement of the house nitrogen system piping with new orbitally welded stainless steel to address existing contamination within the facility. INTREC were then required to manage the installation, commissioning and testing of the new LPVCD furnace, with a life safety support system to address the supply, usage and exhaust of hazardous gases. Lastly, was the preparation and installation of the new EBeam sourced from Germany, meeting stringent site conditions such as anti-vibration requirements, VIPAC testing, EMF requirements, substrate levels and acoustic noise.

Extensive coordination meetings between international equipment suppliers, as well as the engagement of commissioning agents and specialised consultants ensured that the project was carried out in line with the University’s requirements.

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