Kids Club Elizabeth Street


New South Wales




Kids Club Pty Ltd


Kids Club Pty Ltd


Construct Only


12 Weeks


October 2016

Having previously completed the fit out and refurbishment of the Kids Club on Clarence Street, INTREC have now completed the Kids Club Childcare Center on Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills. INTREC created an innovative internal fit-out on the ground floor, as well as an interactive outdoor play area. The overall designs are welcoming, fun and stimulating for children, whilst also functional and resourceful for teachers.

INTREC delivered a contemporary Child Care Centre within a commercial building located in Sydney. The Kids Club Childcare Center was built in a fully occupied building. The project entailed the construction of two new plays rooms, a cot room, commercial kitchen and dining room for the children. While also meeting the parents and employee needs INTREC constructed a staff room and adult facilities. External construction was applied when creating the outdoor play area, including demolishing the existing garden bed and installation of renewed services to accommodate the outdoor area.

A range of design and construction challenges have been overcome throughout this project due to the location within the Sydney City Centre. INTREC was required to work outside of work hours to complete all mandatory work surrounding the ground floor car park. Access behind the hoarding is extremely tight due to the City of Sydney restrictions of the hoarding position, deliveries and construction work was taken outside of the hoarding to impose full traffic management. Necessary mechanical work included the re-directing of the carpark exhaust system to avoid exposure over the centers outdoor play area. Throughout the project, INTREC continued to identify key design and programming to ensure proficiency.

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