222 Londsdale Street QV




Commercial & Corporate


Dexus Property Group


Dexus Property Group


Building Works Contract


26 Weeks


November 2019

INTREC has a long-standing relationship with Dexus Property Group, an Australian Real Estate investment group, that manages the trades of Australian office spaces and industrial property for third party clients. Since 2014, INTREC has worked closely with Dexus on the delivery of many projects, assisting in the creation of highly functional and atheistically outstanding commercial spaces. INTREC were engaged by Dexus Property Group to deliver a stylish End of Trip Facility (EOTF) at the Dexusowned QV Building at 222 Lonsdale Street, sitting in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This EOTF forms Stage 1 of an extensive scope of works, to be completed over five levels within the building.

Situated on the Basement Level of 222 Lonsdale Street, the EOTF received refurbishments to all amenities, inclusive of custom-raised showers, detailed joinery units, luxury vanities and a fully secure bike rack. Stage 2 of this major revamp will consist of upgrading the lift lobbies over multiple levels throughout the building. In the coming months, the Ground Floor Lobby will also undergo a significant makeover, resulting in a highly aesthetic space. Featuring motion-controlled lighting to save energy and expansive windows to optimise natural light, this space will provide direct access to the EOTF.

The staging of works to accommodate live tenanted areas has been a significant risk at this stage of the project, as well as managing heavily trafficked entry points while working within the CBD. By maintaining clear and
concise correspondence with all stakeholders and upholding strict quality measures,our relationship with DexusProperty Group has thrived over the course of this project.

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