207 Pacific Highway


New South Wales


Commercial & Corporate


Altis Property Group


Forge VM


Minor Works


38 Weeks


October 2018

INTREC was engaged by Altis Property Partners and Forge VM to undertake the base building upgrades at 207 Pacific Highway in St Leonards, NSW. This project included the construction of an End of Trip Facility, a lift car refurbishment, a Ground Floor Lobby upgrade in two towers, six floors of lobby upgrades in tower one and various bathroom upgrades across seventeen levels.

Project works took place in a live environment, therefore extra caution was taken to provide safe access through the work zones to ensure minimal disruption to tenants. Additional challenges included the installation of a 7.5 ton steel staircase in the Ground Floor Lobby of Tower B. The lobby glazing had to be removed to provide access, and a Maeda crawl crane was used to erect the staircase. The seamless spiral staircase feature in the lobby was n engineering success with regards to fabrication and installation undertaken within a restricted area. Successes also included the unique finishes in the end of trip facility.

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