ALDI Refresh Rollout












2017 - Ongoing


To be Completed 2020

The implementation phase of ALDI’s strategy to refurbish the majority of its stores into the new ‘Fresh’ format began in 2017. Developed around ALDI’s primary objective to align all stores in the nation with the current design, the ‘ALDI Project Refresh’ programme is designed to standardise ALDI’s national brand presence.

Engaged as a Head Contractor, INTREC have partnered with ALDI to deliver refurbishment projects across Victoria since 2017. Between 2017 and 2019, INTREC have successfully delivered interior refurbishment projects at 65 ALDI supermarkets around regional and metropolitan Victoria; from Portland, Traralgon, Ararat and Echuca through to Bairnsdale, Epsom, Sale and Benalla.

Each project consists of a comprehensive refurbishment including demolition works, extensive structural works, new flooring, ceiling, lighting and wall panelling, along with electrical, data, security, mechanical, refrigeration and hydraulics upgrades. To ensure the Refresh is beneficial for both employees and customers, new joinery, workstations and new or refurbished registers are also installed.

The prominent challenge for the project is the compressed programme and management of procurement lead times. Each store requires a defit and refit within nine to fifteen days, often implementing split shifts over a 24-hour live programme.  With projects running at multiple stores concurrently each month, precise planning and safety management are paramount. INTREC have a team of staff solely dedicated to the delivery of the ALDI Project Refresh Programme. Their thorough understanding of ALDI requirements guarantees efficient handovers and stakeholder satisfaction. This team has continued to grow as the level of responsibility and opportunities for ALDI has increased, with additional projects outside of the Refresh scope now being delivered across VIC, NSW and QLD.

This commitment to quality secured the INTREC Victorian ALDI Refresh team a 2019 Victorian Institute of Building (AIB) Professional Excellence in Building (PEA) award for Interiors.

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