Crown Solicitors Office Sydney


New South Wales


Government & Legal


NSW Government Department of Justice


NSW Public State Advisory


GC21 Edition 2


35 Weeks


January 2019

The Crown Solicitor’s Office (CSO) is a Public Service Executive Agency that provides legal services for thousands of matters per year. A large focus of the CSO is aiding the NSW State Government in legal cases, whilst still competing with law firms in the private sector for select, commercial legal projects.

NSW Public Works Advisory engaged INTREC to carry out the high-end commercial office interior refurbishment of levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 of the CSO’s existing office space on Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

Each floor was stripped down to a shell and transformed into a highly functional, comfortable workspace. This open floor plan was designed to maximise communication as well as create safe spaces for employees to carry out confidential work and intensive research.

The interior refurbishment process was split into three stages and conducted over a period of seven months. INTREC programmed all demolition work overnight, reducing the sound produced during the working day, to accommodate for the surrounding live work environment.

Optimal storage was provided for necessary resources and new kitchens and dining areas were installed on each level. The premium works including new flooring and ceiling finishes, as well as high end joinery, lighting and blinds.

Another component of this project was the installation of a new fresh air riser to accommodate the new mechanical system for the floors. Additionally, all IT backbone cabling was upgraded to fibre and CAT 6a, running between the newly built main comms room and comms cupboards on each floor. As requested, the main communications room was completed to meet the early hand over.

Being an historic building, the infrastructure in place did not naturally lend itself to an operational building site – a challenge for the INTREC team. This placed limitations on the transportation of products to various floors, as the team were restricted by the small lift space and conducting the refurbishment in a live-work environment. INTREC took these challenges in stride and did everything possible to ensure no delays and minimal disruption.

INTREC was able to achieve the critical change over dates throughout the upgrade and in February 2019, all stages of Crown Solicitors Office were completed to client satisfaction.

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