InvoCare Funeral Homes Rollout


New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory






APP Corporation


Managing Contractor


156 Weeks


Roll Out Completed in 2020

Since 2017, INTREC has been engaged by InvoCare to refurbish and fitout their Funeral Homes and Shop Fronts throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory. The rollout, which is shared across three builders, consists of 250 projects including shop fronts, funeral homes, chapels and crematoriums.

INTREC have been in close communication with the design team to ensure that the various spaces created are inviting and comfortable, considering the needs of the users accessing these environments. Former works have included the demolition of internal and external walls to provide larger spaces, the addition of new windows to allow more natural light, new arrangement rooms, reception areas, refurbished chapels and staff areas.

INTREC was able to successfully deliver over 14 projects by applying all the clients design needs and facilitating future proofing space requirements. Furniture and lighting fittings have had extensive lead times, therefore clear and consistent communication between suppliers and InvoCare has been critical for the early procurement of the products.

In 2017, INTREC worked diligently with the consulting team to successfully coordinate and develop the design and costing, delivery, and assist to facilitate the operation of nine projects in the three months prior to Christmas to achieve InvoCare goals, in a short time frame.


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