Our Workplace

Over the past two decades, INTREC has focused on creating a workplace that is the envy of the industry. We pride ourselves on investing in our people, from professional development to inner wellbeing. There is a wealth of talent and experience in our business, which is why we are recognised as a market leader in the industry. All the tools needed for a successful career are at our people’s fingertips.

Our office spaces are purpose-built havens of innovative architecture and industrial design, fostering collaboration, productivity and the flow of great ideas. With wellbeing programs, daily healthy snacks and juices and the opportunity to network and relax, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Wellbeing Assistance Program

Introducing our Wellbeing Assistance Program, where we prioritise the health of our employees. Our program offers a range of resources and support services designed to promote holistic wellbeing and create a supportive work environment.

We aim to empower our employees to prioritise self-care and cultivate resilience in both their personal and professional lives. We understand that wellbeing is essential for individual success and organisational productivity, which is why we are committed to providing comprehensive support to help our employees thrive!