In a nutshell

For over 25 years, INTREC has safely and sustainably delivered interior, fit-out refurbishment and construction projects across the eastern seaboard that are aimed to make everyday life just so much better for so many Australians.

We build schools and universities for learning, offices people are proud to work in, quality hospitals for all and places retirees can call home. We offer pride and satisfaction, enthusiasm and commitment and first-rate building experiences our clients want to repeat again. And again.

It’s not just about the things you can see, it’s the things you can’t see that make the difference. It’s more than simply building structures for INTREC. We build communities, form relationships and develop teams. We find solutions, offer expertise and establish trust. That’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.


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The nuts and bolts

Privately-owned and passionately Australian, INTREC started as a small commercial builder, founded in 1996 by our Directors, Clint Bragg and Thomas Ho. Over the last two decades, INTREC has evolved from modest local beginnings to become one of Australia’s largest refurbishment and construction companies. With an award-winning team of 160+ leading the charge, and an unblemished safety record, INTREC delivers projects the length of the east coast of Australia.

From office spaces and corporate buildings to schools, surf clubs and aged care facilities, INTREC works across a range of sectors, including government and finance, health and medical, education, hotels and hospitality, retail, childcare, transport, fitness and leisure, aged care, commercial and service infrastructure. Our national presence doesn’t mean we are too big to care. We are local at heart and this extends to our suppliers and subcontractors too.

Limiting our environmental impact and the availability of sustainable options are key priorities for INTREC. Cost effectiveness without compromise is our focus. Delivering value on time and on budget for our clients tops the list.

Our difference

At INTREC, Our difference is our people. They do their very best to bring you the best. The proof is in the pudding. Our people sign on for the long haul – INTREC is a place where careers are made and people want to be. Our business is growing fast and we are welcoming more and more talented and passionate people through our doors every day.

The long-standing partnerships and dynamic relationships we make with our clients are the reasons our people get out of bed every morning. Our team members are creative, innovative and completely hands-on. They challenge the status quo and focus on delivering the end vision. We really invest in our people and this drives the INTREC difference. The value we place on our amazing team underpins everything we do and forms the very foundation of our business.

Industry & supply chain

We are ‘people people’ at INTREC. The relationships we have forged over the years that we work hard to keep building on and maintaining are extremely important to us. They play a key part in our success story and are well deserving of our time and attention. Through our iConnect networking events, we are continually collaborating and maintaining relationships with industry partners.

Clients and communities, suppliers and sub-contractors. We partner with the best in the business. We form strong bonds and thriving working partnerships, and this is the reason great people knock on our doors to join our team, sub-contractors are keen to work on our projects and clients keep on coming back.


Everyone loves a moment in the spotlight and the right to brag…just a little bit. We pride ourselves on our sky-high standards, attention to detail and the ability to get it right, so it’s great to be recognised.