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January 2024

INTREC were engaged by Northern Health to deliver the refurbishment of an Anatomical Pathology Laboratory and PET/CT scanner at Northern Hospital Epping, as well as the delivery of an MRI suite and ultrasound rooms at Broadmeadows Hospital.

At Northern Hospital Epping, an Anatomical Pathology Laboratory was established, featuring state-of-the-art facilities encompassing laboratory spaces, reception areas, and administrative offices. Concurrently, a PET/CT scanning facility was developed within the Radiology Department, equipped with PET/CT rooms, uptake rooms, reception areas, conference rooms, and administrative spaces, bolstering advanced imaging services. These advancements represented a significant upgrade in the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities, enhancing its ability to provide precise and timely medical assessments to patients.

At Broadmeadows Hospital, efforts were focused on expanding imaging capabilities with the introduction of an MRI suite and Ultrasound facilities. The MRI suite included reception and administrative areas, complemented by Ultrasound facilities featuring an MRI cabin, anterooms, waiting areas, and administrative and staff zones.
These expansions reflected the hospital’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services for the community, aiming to improve diagnostic accuracy and streamline patient care processes through the integration of cutting-edge medical infrastructure.

The project implemented rigorous infection control measures to safeguard patients, staff, and visitors, while ensuring the continuity of essential services like hydraulics, power, and HVAC. This involved managing major service shutdowns, navigating a bustling live environment, and adhering to radiation shielding specifications for PET/CT scanning facilities as well as implementing RF-shielding (Faraday cage) for the MRI suite amidst concurrent stages and staged handovers on a demanding timeline within the hospital.

The project achieved successful handover of staged areas along with the installation of a new concrete slab and PET structural steel. The completion of milestones included successful prototype testing and installation of brick walls, lead lining, new services in congested ceiling spaces, a plant deck, an MRI Cabin with copper shielding and a new quench pipe, and the delivery of the MRI machine.

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