Henry Schein Halas Dental Showroom and Head Office

Henry Schein Halas Dental Showroom and Head Office


New South Wales




Henry Schein Halas




ABIC MW 2018


15 Weeks


September 2018

For over 60 years, Henry Schein Halas (HSH) has been providing Australian Dental Professionals with many of the best dental products the market has to offer. On behalf of HSH, nettletontribe engaged INTREC to conduct an interior refurbishment for their office space and functioning sales showroom in Mascot, NSW.

The INTREC team provided an intelligent and innovative perspective for the project in alignment with Henry Schein Halas’ commitment to excellence as Australia’s largest dental distributor. This refurbishment was conducted in two stages over a period of 15 weeks. During Stage 1, our team delivered an open plan office space, featuring common areas and meeting rooms.

This space accommodated the needs of the staff at HSH, creating a comfortable environment for employees to carry out a high volume of work. Stage 2 included a state-ofthe- art sales showroom with a 2D and 3D imaging display, dental chair display, laboratory, project display areas as well as a training room and boardroom. During this stage, our team operated within an occupied live environment, signifying the importance of ensuring minimal disruption to the daily operations.

Completing this scope of works during a 15-week programme was challenging. In meeting the specified handover date, INTREC were required to commence Stage 1 of the refurbishment works, whilst the base build was under construction. Another challenge was the unique shapes of the walls and ceilings, which required attention and expertise to meet the Architect’s design. When programming, the INTREC team allocated appropriate time to focus on these details, which ultimately made a significant visual impact in the space. The project was successfully delivered as per the intricate design submitted by nettletontribe. HSH were thrilled with the quality and detail of the refurbishment, which will comfortably accommodate current and future employees.

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