Cooler Schools Program


Various (over 17 schools)




QLD Department of Education, NSW Schools Infrastructure


Ranbury, Public Works Advisory for NSW




2012- Ongoing



The necessity for the next generation of students to be able to concentrate in a comfortable learning environment has been identified by both the Queensland and New South Wales State Governments as essential in achieving positive learning outcomes.

Over $600 million has been committed to the delivery of priority state school air conditioning projects in New South Wales and Queensland combined. INTREC have been heavily involved in the Queensland Cooler Schools program throughout the last seven years and have delivered building services and replacement projects at over 14 state schools thus far. Over the course of these projects, INTREC have developed extensive experience in delivering projects via this niche procurement route, offering value for money and a quality result consistently delivered on time.

The air conditioning component of the works includes the removal of the existing evaporative coolers and the installation of energy efficient systems, comprising of split systems, cassette units, evaporative coolers, under-ceiling units and the installation of CO2 sensors and external controls. The works often include electrical upgrades, which requires the replacement of switchboards, fans, the main distribution board of the building and the installation of a pad-mount transformer. For every Cooler School project, consideration is given to ensure minimal disruption to the school, which often remains occupied for the duration of the project.

The team conduct the work in one building at a time as a means of staging the project. Cranage exclusion zones, working in extreme weather and Class A asbestos removal are risks that our team are well-versed in mitigating over seven years of Cooler Schools experience.

INTREC understand the importance of developing working relationships with local contractors and suppliers to minimise lead times and value-engineer each Cooler School project. In doing so, we have built up a community of reliable, quality regional subcontractors and provided countless local employment opportunities.

With the consistent delivery of Cooler Schools projects in Queensland, INTREC and Balance Mechanical Services are now establishing a presence in the New South Wales Cooler Schools program.

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