IndigiScapes Centre Expansion






Redland City Council




AS 2124-1992


6 Months


February 2020

The Redlands in Queensland covers 539 square kilometres, offering a blend of island and coastal life with thriving urban centres and regionally significant bushland. With a population of around 130,000, the Redlands is one of the fastest growing areas in Queensland.

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre has been operating as a highly popular environmental education facility and community space since its opening in 2000. After nearly two decades of operation, some areas of the existing centre needed refreshing to better serve the community. INTREC partnered with Redland City Council to undertake the extension of an existing education/theatrette facility and the construction of a brand new Administration Building. The works consist of an elevated platform frame held up by 83 bored piers, with the structure of both buildings comprised mainly of timber – a highly unique element of the project – including timber bearers, joists, walls, roofing, skirtings, architraves, sills, window reveals, trims and 350m2 of hardwood timber decking for the amphitheatre.

The environmental focus is a particularly interesting aspect of the project, as the site lies within a nature reserve. Redland City Council Ranbury AECOM AECOM 400m2 The upgrades have been designed to keep with the IndigiScapes environmental standards and aim to retain the community spirit. The extension component of the building works has been carefully considered to avoid and protect significant and veteran vegetation onsite. The project is a welcome addition to INTREC’s growing portfolio of specialised projects within the Sustainability sector. With the project wrapping up in December 2019, the Redland community can look forward to new opportunities to use the Centre facilities.

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