North Rocks Public School










GC21 Edition 2


36 Weeks


June 2020

On behalf of Schools Infrastructure NSW (SINSW), TSA sought INTREC to complete the Design and Construction of Major Works at North Rocks Public School. Our team worked closely with client-side project manager, TSA, and the school leadership team to deliver spaces that fulfilled the client’s needs.

The project was handed over in two stages. The first stage included the refurbishment and extension of existing administration building, including a major services upgrade. The space accommodates new offices, meeting rooms and updated lunch facilities, featuring an indoor/outdoor barbecue area. Constructed on the footprint of previously existing/demolished building, the new, 3 story learning centre contains 15 flexible learning spaces and breakout practical activity areas.

New external hardscapes and softscapes were completed, including Astroturf sports court. The expressive multi-coloured façade is well complimented with the variation in textures of the finishes, creating a vibrant building design.

Key challenges included working within a live school environment. The project had to be programmed around the school holidays to allow for minimal disruptions to the daily operations. The last couple of months of the project were conducted during COVID-19 restrictions, implementing social distancing and further site safety procedures to ensure the project was compliant and completed safely.

Our team managed to hand over the administration building early. The new learning centre was ready for the return to school, having more space to utilise during the COVID-19 restrictions. The team received positive feedback from all stakeholders involved.


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