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January 2022

CBUS Super Stadium is the Gold Coast’s premier entertainment venue which seats 27,690 people. Owned by Stadiums Queensland, the Stadium offers a range of facilities for the community to utilize. Stadiums Queensland appointed INTREC in late 2021 to deliver works to Gate B which sits within the Stadium.

INTREC have worked with Stadiums Queensland for several years now, and we were excited by the opportunity to contribute to CBUS Stadium.
The Scope of works for this Robina based project included the removal of outdated entry gate and installation of newly designed gate for executive member entry.

There were various risks to consider over the projects duration, this included; uncertainty towards the inground services to avoid clashes with critical infrastructure.
Additionally, due to the timing of the project we faced material price increases which impacted the steel supply along with general industry pressures.
Covid-19 and extreme weather events created unfortunate halts onsite, the project team did a fantastic job implementing the various mitigation strategies in place to overcome these risks.

We are proud to share that the gate was operational before Game 1 of the NRL season which was always a goal for the project team. We maintained our strong relationship with Stadiums Queensland, and look forward to working with the client for future projects.

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