Dee Why Gardens Retirement Village


New South Wales


Aged Care & Retirement


Lendlease Retirement Living


Lendlease Retirement Living



31 Weeks


June 2022

Dee Why Gardens is a retirement village containing independent living units and serviced apartments. INTREC was engaged by Lendlease to deliver the refurbishment of the Community Centre and Reception Building at Dee Why Gardens Retirement Village.

The project included the refurbishment of the Community Centre, staff administration areas, dining rooms, and residential recreational areas, featuring a hair salon, billiard room, and cinema. The roof of the Serviced Apartments was also replaced as part of the completed project.

The Community Centre and Reception Building were closed to staff and residents throughout the duration of the works, however the adjoining Serviced Apartments remained operational. Subsequently, a portion of the project was carried out in a live environment, which required careful consideration and mitigation to any potential impact on the village’s operations such as noise and vibrations, which may disrupt the residents. Remaining as an operational facility throughout these proposed works meant that particular focus was placed on ensuring the safety and quiet enjoyment for residents, staff and visitors.

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