RMS Tweed Heads Joint Agency Facility


New South Wales




Roads and Maritime Services


Greenview Consultants




40 Weeks


August 2018

Under the NSW Government, NSW Transport Shared Services engaged INTREC to undertake the five-month construction of their new Joint Agency Facility at Tweed Heads. The new facility is to be the first build of a planned rollout of joint agency buildings on the NSW coast. The site is located directly on the Terranova Inlet in Tweed Heads, INTREC worked closely with the design team to deliver the impressive facility which has been designed to withstand the elements that are part and parcel of it’s coastal location with minimal ongoing maintenance. The building will house three separate NSW Government departments; Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Water Police and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The existing site contained two demountable buildings and a wooden boat shed which the team demolished along with the old defunct boat ramp to make way for the construction of the new two-story building complete with a new larger boat ramp.  The construction included screw piles, a concrete structure with concrete internal stairs, feature block work, a new timber-framed roof with metal roofing, feature timber cladding, glazing, architectural metal louvres and a new lift.

The construction of the new larger boat ramp proved particularly challenging and was constructed using sheet piling, and large pumps to remove water. Intrec’s project team had to account for tidal movements during the construction, completing a large amount of the works from a barge.  Throughout the project the waterfront location of the site meant that environmental controls were paramount. Our experienced team actioned a plan to ensure there was no risk of water contamination from the construction works.

INTREC coordinated a full electrical and data fit-off, including a new board and data racks. A new solar powered hot water system was installed, complete with a new drainage and waste system. The demolished boat shed and ramp were replaced, with a new fuel system installed for boats to fill up whilst on the water.

The team built a new carpark which consisted of line marking, new driveways, external paving and landscaping. A frameless glass balustrade was installed, which lent itself to the picturesque location of the facility as it looked over the water. A unique element of the project was the delivery of a gun unloading room, which included a pistol unloader, a new boardroom, three meeting rooms, new work stations and a new kitchen.

Working in conjunction with Nordan Jago Architects and Greenview Consultants, INTREC delivered the construction of the new 2 story facility, demonstrating efficiency and capability throughout all stages of the project.

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