The Barracks Commercial Upgrade




Commercial & Corporate


Challenger Investment Partners


Case Meallin


Small Works


13 Weeks


December 2018

Challenger Investment Partners (CIP) originates and manages assets for leading global and Australian institutions. Since 1988, CIP have managed an extensive portfolio of domestic and international real estate assets on behalf of institutional clients. On behalf of CIP, Case Meallin engaged INTREC to deliver an upgrade of their existing asset, a commercial office and retail space at The Barracks in Brisbane. A vibrant precinct located on the edge of the city, The Barracks Commercial Upgrade project was designed to offer more opportunity for businesses to blend work and lifestyle. The works consisted of a refurbishment of the existing End-of-Trip-Facility, a lobby upgrade, Level Four makegood, Level Three slab infill and heritage building minor works.

Working within a heritage building meant the team were required to work around council restraints. With works underway on multiple levels simultaneously, clear and considered programming was necessary. The Level Three slab infill was particularly challenging as it was conducted within a live office environment, giving us a very narrow window of time to carry out the works in order to minimise any disruptions. INTREC are specialists in commercial interior refurbishments, and the team applied this expertise to ensure that the multiple handover dates were achieved. The slab infill was carried out without incident or disruption to the building occupants, which is a credit to the flexibility and sensitivity of the INTREC team.

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