Cultural Awareness Training

INTREC is committed to workplace diversity, incorporating Indigenous participation as a core function in the company’s project management processes, and maintaining Aboriginal cultural awareness in the workplace.

Our team recently heard from Paul Sinclair from Mirri Mirri about the importance of education around the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.  Mirri Mirri strive to better connect all Australians with our First Nations peoples and cultures, within a mutually respectful environment where participants can learn about Aboriginal Australia.

The workshop was about developing a better understanding of Indigenous cultures and building stronger, more effective relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. Through participating in Mirri Mirri activities, our team explored effective communication and engagement techniques and how to create a culturally safe work environment.

The workshop was broken into six sessions:

Ripple Effect

This section revealed how past policies continue to impact upon Aboriginal people and culture in areas including health, education, employment, racism and incarceration. Influential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were highlighted.

Cultural Safety

The team gained an increased understanding of the importance of cultural safety in the workplace and in the delivery of programs and policy. Topics discussed include communication, sensitivity, Men’s and Women’s business, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

A Sophisticated Culture

Aboriginal culture and kinship structures are increasingly being recognised as amongst the more sophisticated and complex in the world. This section focussed on Aboriginal social structure including kinship, family networks, leaders and elders, plus other areas related areas such as sorry business, connection to country and identity.

Tackling Our Perceptions

This section explored the influence of external factors, such as media, education and socialisation, and how they impact upon our perceptions of Aboriginal Australians.

First Contact and Resistence

Looking through the lens of Aboriginal people, our team learned about Aboriginal resistance fighters, dispossession from country and the eventual disruption to Aboriginal societies. Topics of discussion included Terra Nullius, Protectionist Legislation, Stolen Generations, Australia day, The National Apology, Native Title Act and Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

Open Discussion

This final section allowed for the team to share real life experiences and ask open questions without fear of being culturally insensitive.

We are committed to creating and extending opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and enterprises on our construction projects. Read more about approach to Indigenous Opportunity,  Community, Diversity and Inclusion – if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage and are seeking an opportunity through INTREC, we would love to hear from you.

For a confidential chat, please call Sarah Ali, Training Coordinator and Internal Recruiter, on 0423 451 875 or send an email: