Latest Update from Brendan Forde, Managing Director

It has been a strange end to FY21 and start to FY22. As much as we all want to see the back of the last 18 months, it is worth noting that we continue to weather the storm and look to grow as a company. That said significant challenges still confront us all, not least the ongoing debate as to Ireland’s chances of topping the medals table at the Olympics.

INTREC have had a fantastic start to FY22 across all States with a very strong cross-over of work and a very solid pipeline of future project opportunities. Unfortunately the new wave of COVID outbreaks, lockdowns and border closures is affecting our ability to properly progress these projects at present specifically in NSW.

We are however very confident that we will continue to make strides moving forward together in achieving our common goals for FY22. We will succeed through honest open dialogue and genuine collaboration which can only reinforce our relationships with our Clients and Subcontracting Partners.

QLD and VIC continue to win new opportunities and deliver existing projects very successfully. In NSW our geographical spread across the State has enabled us to keep a number of our site teams working whilst Sydney metropolitan has been in lockdown.

As we all come to grips with the changing nature of how we go about our lives and approach our work, we can take reassurance knowing that Ireland have already secured a Gold and a bronze medal which is only 16 medals behind Australia and a mere 33 medals behind the USA so everything still to play for!