“COVID Testing” A message from Clint Bragg, Founding Director

“When you first heard the term “COVID testing” we all simply thought this related to us and our general wellbeing but now the term “COVID testing” has a much broader meaning. COVID-19 is turning out to be a test in almost every facet of our lives and from a macro perspective both the private and public sector are being impacted in a way that will take a number of years to recover.

Unfortunately for business there is no vaccine, the only protection a business has is loyal staff, loyal customers and sound business practices. I feel very privileged that at INTREC we have been able to manage our way through 2021 by surrounding ourselves with great people both internally and externally.

No one can guarantee when COVID- 19 will end, but we can guarantee that businesses and business leaders will be judged on how they managed their way through the pandemic of 2019 – 2022.

Please stay safe”

Clint Bragg