A Note From Clint – August 2020

Where to from here? 

Whilst this is a very turbulent time, as a business owner I am very stimulated by the ever-changing environment and the opportunity that this presents. Media announcements, Government policy and world events have certainly dominated the headlines but for us it is all about focusing on what’s in front of us and doing it better.

Public sector opportunities have always been a significant part of our portfolio. This, combined with our regional coverage in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, allows INTREC to focus on the West and apply our skillset to State and Local Government projects across an array of regional centres. Our commitment to regional Australia is more than just a whim or a sign of the times, our commitment has been for over 25 years and marks a time for an established presence in regional NSW with true local engagement and community involvement.

In addition to pipeline, INTREC are focusing on increasing our offering by upskilling our staff and partnering with alike businesses to provide an end to end solution. Our design team has continued to grow and our appreciation of the end goal differentiates us more than ever from our competition.

These are tough times but times when strong businesses move ahead and position themselves for the new post-COVID norm.