INTREC Powers UOW’s Sustainable Future

The use of sustainable energy is becoming an increasingly important responsibility in all industries across the globe, and like education, has never been more important to our future.

The University of Wollongong (UoW) has made a commitment to reduce energy consumption by 20% over the next 15 years. A vital leap in UoW’s Strategic Plan, Stage 1 of a major Thermal, LED and Solar PV (TLS) upgrade was completed by INTREC in May 2019. This consisted of more than 20 individual projects conducted over a period of 6 months.  

Since the University was founded in 1951, UoW has been striving to achieve a strong, environmentally responsible and connected presence within its communities. A product of UoW’s consideration of both the present and the future, the TLS project has an impact on university’s immediate community and has also influenced the wider Tertiary Education network to make key changes in the interests of our environmental future.

INTREC’s partnership with UoW has been key to the efficient implementation of sustainable infrastructure at the campus. As a trailblazer within the Sustainability sector, INTREC are committed to supporting UoW’s objective of earning a place in the top 1% of the world’s Universities and leading by example in areas such as sustainability and innovation. 

Throughout this project, INTREC have actively supported local businesses across the Illawarra and South Coast regions. Companies such as BCS Commercial Flooring, based out of Shell Cove, and Spackman and Kentwell (S&K) Roofing, based out of Port Kembla, have been integral subcontractors in this major TLS upgrade.

INTREC have utilised strong, reliable industry connections aiding UoW in forming key relationships with premium subcontractors. During Stage 1 of the TLS upgrade, INTREC introduced Green Guys Solar (GGS) as a preferred subcontractor to conduct the solar PV upgrade across the campus.

GGS completed 3 individual installations in Stage 1. Due to the exceptional delivery, high performance and short duration of the installations, GGS have acquired all 9 solar PV projects in Stage 2. INTREC has enabled a strong relationship to form between UoW and GGS, who are now listed as a preferred subcontractor by the University, receiving projects outside of this TLS upgrade conducted by INTREC. 

Buildings all around the south coast campus have been upgraded with solar PV panels, generating renewable energy allowing for running cost and energy savings. One of the highest energy consuming structures on the campus is Building 13. INTREC has installed a 130kw system that will generate up to 20% of the building’s daily electricity demands. All solar systems across the University were designed to maximise the source of renewable energy to give UoW the best opportunity to reach their desired decrease in energy consumption by 2035. Considerations of initial and maintenance costs were also made to ensure a positive return on investment.

All systems must be approved and have permission to connect by the necessary regulatory bodies prior to the commencement of the installation. INTREC arranged all approvals well in advance, providing a strong turn-key solution for UoW. The final system aligned with the desired design deliverables set by UoW.

In March 2019 INTREC also completed a major amenities upgrade at the main UoW campus. This included the complete refurbishment of 38 individual bathrooms in 9 major structures across the University. This upgrade included considerations of sustainability, being sure to comply with current Australian standards. These projects have established a strong relationship between the University and INTREC, securing INTREC stage 2 of this multifaceted TLS upgrade.

This is a testament to INTREC’s capabilities and commitment to achieving the best for clients across all projects. Stage 2 of this TLS upgrade consists of over 25 additional high priority projects across the south coast campus. 

If you’d like to discuss INTREC’s Sustainability capabilities further, please get in touch with Amy Williams, National Client Relationship Manager at or call 0451 155 663.