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September 10, 2019
A Note From Clint – September 2019
September 13, 2019

This time last year: UNSW Preferred Contractor Award

For over a decade INTREC has had a strong presence at the University of New South Wales.

Since 2008, we have completed over 200 projects, from big to small, delivering approximately $65M worth of interior and refurbishment works within UNSW’s built environment.

In 2017 INTREC was awarded the “Most Valuable Consultant/Contractor Award” as a testament to the specialised capabilities of this highly committed team.

Our UNSW team works collaboratively with the University, delivering consistent, high quality projects. Since the collection of this award, INTREC have continued to partner with the University, handing over approximately 50 projects in the last 2 years.

Our team recently completed a major upgrade of the existing facilities/systems at the UNSW Kensington campus. This included upgrading the Life Safety Systems, Mechanical Systems and processing cooling water to the H6 energy and technology buildings.

Our INTREC team worked collaboratively with the UNSW project team during the preliminary design and scope finalisation, delivery & maintenance phases of the project. The works were conducted in an efficient manner, allowing for minimal disruption to the everyday operations of the building.

The scope of works included the installation of a new Life Safety System to ‘Safety Integrity Level 2 – SIL2’ level of compliance, the modification to the Mechanical System to improve Containment & Fire Mode requirements, Air Quality improvements to meet necessary requirements and provide Exhaust Capacities required, as well as strict acoustic requirements.

Another large part of the job was the upgrade of the Equipment Cooling Water (ECW) infrastructure & control system, to provide a pressurised flow and non-pressurised return cooling system. INTREC also increased the cooling capacity of ECW for future tools and provided a backup heat exchanger should a rooftop chiller fail.

Our team delivered the project on time, meeting all staging requirements for all facets of this upgrade. Our team worked closely with all stakeholders and consultants to ensure that we delivered the best quality project to our capabilities.

To learn about INTREC’s unique university and laboratory capabilities and how they could improve your next project, contact our National Client Relationship Manager Amy Williams at or 0451 155 663.