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September 26, 2019
A Brighter Future for Residential Living
October 13, 2019

INTREC out and about at TEMC 2019

INTREC was proud to exhibit alongside Northrop Consulting Engineers at the Tertiary Education Management Conference (TEMC) 2019 in Adelaide over this past week. It was great to have the opportunity to engage directly with over 800 representatives from tertiary institutions from across Australia and New Zealand. TEMC brings together a large array of professionals, showcasing the evolving landscape of the built environment and innovation in higher education.

From this experience, INTREC has developed a deeper understanding of the future of tertiary education – in particular, how it relates to the flexibility and agility of the built form.

There was plenty to take away from TEMC, and now more than ever, we must appreciate the fast pace and inevitability of change. The spatial requirements for campus buildings are being constantly and quickly redefined by the emergence of new learning methods.

With growing demand for collaborative or trans-disciplinary workspaces, quiet spaces, labs and innovation hubs as well as other types of functional space; our industry must remain agile and responsive.

Additionally, there is a rising demand for spaces that can be transformed on a regular basis due to ever-changing curricula and the requirements of students, departments and industry partners. 

As an educated construction company, INTREC will continue to refine our approach and push the envelope in terms of innovation and collaboration to accommodate the evolution of the sophisticated tertiary sector.

Our very own National Client Relationship Manager, Amy Williams, had the privilege of chairing a session during the conference for guest presenter: Andrew Unwin, Department Manager at Durham University. 

Andrew’s presentation was titled ‘What good ever comes from networking: From Serendipity to Australia’.  He shared with the audience tips on how to stay relevant in any industry through the development of authentic relationships

Our team was able to engage directly with representatives from Universities from across Australia, showcasing our ability to provide sustainable solutions across a large campus.

In particular, we highlighted the Thermal, LED and Solar (TLS) Upgrade that we are currently conducting at the University of Wollongong (UOW) alongside Northrop Consulting Engineers.

Northrop Consulting Engineers are highly experienced in Civil, Structural, Building Services and Sustainability. Throughout this TLS project, the Northrop team have used their extensive expertise, making them a key player in helping INTREC to build a brighter future for UOW.

Together we are able to provide a turnkey solution for tertiary institutions, improving the energy consumption and cost across an entire campus.

Our team has a vast array of experience operating within tertiary institutions, conducting over 100 projects across 16 universities within three different states in the last two years alone.

We acknowledge that we need to further diversify learning spaces to allow for a change in the learning model, creating spaces that cultivate innovation.

We are taking a leap towards creating self-sustaining learning and teaching spaces, providing sustainable solutions that will stand the test of time, helping to develop modern campus’ that will require minimal future works. Creating an agile and adaptable built environment is at the forefront of the future of tertiary institutions and INTREC remains agile in this evolving landscape.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming opportunity or project and learn how INTREC can partner to add value, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Amy Williams, National Client Relationship Manager at amy.williams@intrec.com.au.