Thomas Ho

Executive Director

Thomas is one of Intrec’s founding directors. His primary focus is managing strategic partnerships and developing Intrec’s profile in growth sectors such as education and health. To this end, he has overseen, in the capacity of project director, numerous projects at every major university campus in Sydney including the University of Sydney, the University of NSW, Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney, as well as hospitals including St George Hospital and Westmead Hospital.

His broad ranging role also includes the financial oversight of the Company and ensuring Intrec maintains a solid balance sheet. The Company aims to improve its fiscal position year on year and has maintained this goal from inception even through the GFC.

Thomas is a licensed builder and accredited Green Star Professional and has completed both registered Green Star Built and Green Star designed projects. He maintains a keen interest in environmental initiatives in the building industry and has assisted project designers achieve higher Green Star credit points.