A trusted partner in Tertiary Education

INTREC Management are currently underway with Stage 2 of a major campus-wide Thermal LED and Solar Photovoltaic (TLS) upgrade at the University of Wollongong (UoW).

Our team is well versed in operating within tertiary institutes, recognising that minimal disruption to education is paramount. INTREC have operated within a wide range of Universities across Australia and have been engaged to completed various projects from refurbishments and fitouts through to construction and the current TLS upgrades.

During the successful delivery of the TLS Stage 1 project, the team developed a vast knowledge of the UoW campus. This knowledge, coupled with team’s approachability and transparency, afforded INTREC the opportunity to manage Stage 2 of the UoW TLS upgrade, totalling in 25 more individual projects across the Wollongong main campus which supports over 25,000 students and over 2000 staff.

Technology is constantly evolving; Solar and LED products are no exception to this. INTREC use trusted, durable and current market leading products that have been rigorously tested and trialled. For the TLS Upgrade project, every design decision has been made collaboratively with the Facilities Management team at UoW. Throughout any design phase, INTREC work closely with our client to confirm that desired design deliverables are met, ensuring that all parties are happy with the process as well as the final product.

A key challenge for the TLS Upgrade project was the long lead-time for products, particularly for mechanical plant & equipment. Stage 2 saw the design period fast-tracked to mitigate the time constraints that were a challenge in Stage 1 of the upgrade. INTREC make a conscious effort to develop from challenges, with ‘Lessons Learnt’ shared throughout the company to promote knowledge-sharing and transparency.

INTREC have strong affiliations with premium subcontractors which assures a high-quality product is delivered smoothly. Green Guys Solar was involved during Stage 1 of the Solar installation, taking on three individual projects. Due to their outstanding performance and execution, Green Guys Solar were engaged to install all Solar elements in Stage 2, tripling their workload. UoW has since declared Green Guys Solar as a Preferred Contractor for all projects around the University, which has enabled the company to secure numerous projects around the campus. This will standardise the installations, as well as assure quality and programme objectives are met. 

One of the key consultants during Stage 2 has been Northrop Consulting Engineers. This company is based out of Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Parramatta, Newcastle and Sydney. INTREC have previously worked with Northrop on numerous projects and have formed a strong industry relationship. Both companies are committed to delivering the best outcome for all clients.

There is a high level of importance placed on community engagement for projects such as the TLS Upgrade. INTREC ensures that local companies are utilised throughout the stages of development, design, construction and installation where possible. 

UoW’s environmental report was first developed in 2014. Installation of these Solar and LED technologies will be a key factor in aiding UoW to reach their target of reducing 20% of energy consumption by 2035. The University has been ambitious, yet still realistic, in making this commitment. Despite the construction of two brand new structures in the next year, the university is committed to making this goal a reality. INTREC’s key focus is on sustaining and repurposing the existing buildings on campus, utilising existing infrastructure, creating a more ecological solution, saving resources, materials and time. 

Building 13 is one of the highest energy-consuming structures on the UoW campus. INTREC has installed a Solar PV system that will generate nearly 20% of the building’s daily electricity demands. At the forefront of the design intent was the focus on maximising the energy source of the solar PV supply whilst still maintaining a positive return of investment.

INTREC was engaged on an ‘Early Contractor Involvement’ basis during Stage 1 and was an integral part of the consultant phase, establishing a strong foundation for the project. INTREC ensured that all permissions to connect were granted well in advance of installation, all in accordance with the Clean Energy Regulator’s standards and legislation. The team considered every element of the installation and provided a strong turnkey solution for UoW.

From November to December in 2018, INTREC conducted a Compliance upgrade and major fitout for the University of Newcastle’s existing chemistry structure in the Facility of Science. All disruptive work across these projects was conducted with consideration to the University’s daily operations, ensuring that the teaching and learning was not compromised across the 12 weeks of installation. The Analytical Lab on Level 3 was completed early, much to the satisfaction of the University of Newcastle team. INTREC has also been working with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) across various projects for over a decade, completing major fit outs and refurbishments campus wide. 

INTREC’s diverse experience in the tertiary education sector is a testament to the company’s ability to meet desired design specifications and commitment to quality assurance.

To discuss an upcoming tertiary education opportunity, please contact Amy Williams, INTREC Client Relationship Manager on 0451 155 663 or via email at amy.williams@intrec.com.au.