What does Safety mean to INTREC?
March 11, 2019
Ipswich State High School Performing Arts Centre, QLD
May 10, 2019

NSW Government Best Practice Accreditation

Recently, INTREC successfully obtained NSW Government Best Practice for projects valued at $10m and above.

The NSW Best Practice Accreditation Scheme for Construction and related works is used to support the selection of suitable Contractors for future work by NSW Government Agencies. Additionally, the Scheme is used to support State Owned Corporations, Public Institutions (such as Universities) and NSW Local Government Councils.

Best Practice Accredited Contractors such as INTREC are prequalified as well as able to demonstrate a significantly higher level of capability.  The successful attainment of Best Practice for projects valued at $10 and above is an important step for the company as it continues to shape an exciting future in the Construction sector.