Shaping INTREC’s safe future with Hammertech

In 2012, Safe Work Australia implemented the “Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012 – 2020”.

This strategy was developed to reduce the incidence of serious injury by at least 30% nationwide by 2022. Due to the physical nature of the construction industry, it was listed as one of the industries with the highest risk of injury.

Since this strategy was administered, there has been a steady decrease in workplace injuries and according to Safe Work Australia, this is attributed to a greater emphasis on safe work practices including detailed inductions, additional training as well as the procedures outlined in the 2012 safety strategy.

The importance placed on workplace safety in our industry is more evident than ever – it’s unacceptable for people to come to work and not go home safely to their families in the evenings.

In an effort to create a safer work environment, INTREC has successfully implemented the Hammertech platform, to aid our team in being as effective and safe as possible. Hammertech is a platform that unifies and simplifies INTREC’s day-to-day safety and compliance tasks. 

This versatile platform can be utilised to assist our site managers in a myriad of ways, increasing the transparency, functionality, safety, sustainability and organisation across INTREC projects. One of the key functions of the platform is the ability to directly communicate with our subcontractors.

Hammertech allows our team to conduct advanced, online inductions – this function is extremely useful, enabling our team to set expectations and objectives prior to arriving onsite. 

INTREC’s National Safety and Compliance Manager, Steve Bragg, says that Hammertech “allows our team to focus their time and energy on their sites, working directly with their subcontractors and workers, ensuring that everyone is performing tasks safely and effectively.”

Adjusting this safety process and storing this paperwork in a central place has allowed our site managers to have more time to focus on their team and mitigate risks during the project. 

This dynamic platform can be utilised as a key communication tool on site to keep track of important factors such as meetings, identified issues, certifications, induction papers, documentation, comprehensive site diaries and procedures.

Hammertech collates all safety information, making it accessible to all relevant team members. This program has also had a positive impact from a sustainability perspective, decreasing our physical paperwork by tenfold, directly improving INTREC’s environmental footprint. 

Hammertech has been revolutionary to our onsite safety and compliance functionality, helping to streamline processes, increase performance and improve onsite efficiency.

If you are interested in hearing more about the way INTREC delivers a project safely, or would like to discuss collaborating on a future project, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Williams, our National Client Relationship Manager at or call 0451 155 663.