A stylish EOTF delivered for Dexus at 222 Lonsdale St

INTREC has a long-standing industry relationship with Dexus Property Group, an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust that manages the trades of Australian office spaces and industrial property for third party clients.

Since 2014, INTREC has worked closely with Dexus on over a dozen projects, assisting in creating commercial and highly functional spaces.  

INTREC has recently completed the 2,600m2 End-of-Trip Facility (EOTF) at the Dexus-owned QV Building, 222 Lonsdale St, located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This is just Stage 1 of a considerable scope of works that will be carried out over the next three months. 

Situated on the basement level of the building, the EOTF has undergone refurbishments to all amenities, inclusive of custom-raised showers, joinery units, high-end vanity basins and a fully secure bike rack. The bike rack is operated by a security swipe access system and has been incorporated into the building’s design to accommodate those who cycle to work, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

Stage 2 of this major upgrade will consist of upgrading the lift lobbies over multiple levels throughout the QV building and is set for completion in October 2019. In the coming months, the Ground Floor Lobby will undergo a major makeover, which will result in a space that is highly functional and has direct access to the EOTF.

The Lobby was designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring motion-controlled lighting to save energy and lots of windows to optimise natural light in the spaces.

Prior to this project, INTREC has completed many similar spaces for Dexus across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. These projects include the make-good and refit of lifts, a lobby and amenities at 360 Collins Street, 385 Bourke Street and Level 9 and 10 of 452 Finders Street, all in Melbourne’s CBD.

In Sydney, INTREC have conducted projects at 321 Kent Street, 60 Castlereagh Street and Level 5 of 1 Margaret Street. In Brisbane, spaces at 1 Eagle Street, 12 Creek Street and 123 Eagle Street have all seen significant upgrades.

We have completed a handful of End-of-Trip Facilities for Dexus in the past, including spaces at 45 Clarence Street, Sydney and 30 Hickson Road, Milson Point. End-of-Trip Facilities are the future of corporate office spaces, promoting a healthy lifestyle and increased staff wellbeing.

In the same theme, INTREC delivered a Kids Club childcare centre on Clarence Street within a Dexus-owned building. This space was developed to accommodate the lifestyle of working parents. Completed just in over 12 weeks, this 850m2 space was transformed into a simplistic yet effective indoor and outdoor childcare centre.

We provide solutions and have a proven record of successfully delivering premium spaces – our strong relationship with Dexus Property Group is a testament to that.

If you are interested in developing a Commercial space or are looking to upgrade to your existing facilities, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Williams, our National Client Relationship Manager at amy.williams@intrec.com or call 0451 155 663.