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July 25, 2019
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August 1, 2019

INTREC Conference: Agility 2020

What a way to kick off the Financial Year!

The 2019 INTREC Annual Conference was held over the 26th to 28th of July at Hamilton Island, one of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland.

Held each year since 2004, our Annual Conferences are a great way for INTREC to give back to our important asset – our People. The Annual Conference is a fixture of INTREC culture and something our team looks forward to throughout the year.

From the Hunter Valley through to the Sydney Cricket Ground, we’ve had some incredibly exciting Conferences over the years.

This year was no exception with over 120 INTREC staff flown into the tropical oasis that is Hamilton Island. Boasting pristine ocean views and plenty of warm sunshine, the Island was a welcome reprieve from Winter weather (especially for our VIC and NSW teams!).

Friday afternoon kicked off with some team-building activities such as an ice-bath challenge and a (blindfolded) tent-building challenge. Competitivity was at an all-time high as the 10 teams worked together to solve problems and perform under pressure.

The outdoor challenges were followed by sunset cocktails and canapes, as INTREC took the time to recognise the Best Performing Project for each state, the Most Complex Project, Cadet of the Year, Most Professional Employee, Commitment to Health and Safety, Commitment to Client Satisfaction, INTREC Team Player and INTREC’s Best Mentor.

After a waterfront breakfast on Saturday morning, the team settled in for a presentation from INTREC Director Clint Bragg. The theme for the Annual Conference was ‘Agility’ and how it results from growth and change. As Clint said during the presentation, ‘it’s a Mindshift.’ After detailing company performance from the last Financial Year, Clint went on to share his bold vision for 2020 with the team. Throughout the next 12 months, this will become evident as the INTREC team champions the vision through Project Delivery, Safety and Client Relationship objectives.

INTREC recently launched the slogan ‘Safety is Everyone’s Business’ nationally, and simultaneously introduced the use of Hammertech, a cloud-based mobile operational platform that will facilitate and enable operational excellence, safety and quality at INTREC. The 2019 Annual Conference was the perfect opportunity to launch the INTREC Golden Rules as the team collaborated in identifying key values brought to each and every project.

The team then had the privilege of hearing from Joe Bonington, a strength and conditioning coach, fitness trainer, trek leader and mountaineer and Gareth Andrews, a British expeditioner and doctor. Both spoke about Agility in response to change and an environment that requires optimal performance – a trait mountaineering and the construction industry have in common. Both Joe and Gareth inspired the team to ‘always look to the next horizon’ and continue to press forward and stay agile in the face of a challenge.

The team set off on a lunchtime cruise to Whitehaven beach followed by some good-old-fashioned beach Netball, Soccer and Touch Football games which re-ignited the competitive spirit of the weekend.

As a big ‘Thankyou’ to our team for the hard work, perseverance and teamwork demonstrated over the past year, INTREC hosted a White Party on Saturday evening. As the sun set over the Island, the INTREC team partied in style and celebrated all that has been achieved as a team.

Sunday morning saw the quintessential INTREC fighting spirit come out in full force as the team embarked on a mission up Passage Peak whilst carrying 100L of water between each of the 10 teams. The teams put their new-found understanding of Agility into action and displayed determination and sportsmanship as they spurred each-other on to reach the summit. The weekend was a resounding success with new memories made, friendships built, and inspiration instilled to make 2020 INTREC’s most successful and memorable year yet.

If you’d like to discuss joining the INTREC family, please contact Sarah Ali, Recruitment and Training Coordinator at sarah.ali@intrec.com.au or call 0423 451 875.