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We consistently endeavour to contribute to sustainability initiatives across the Construction industry.

In the final months of 2017, our INTREC NSW team moved into their freshly-renovated Head Office. Solar panels were an integral component of the sustainable design philosophy, with the objective to be able to monitor our energy consumption constantly and also to demonstrate Best Practice. Driven by our Director Clint Bragg’s personal commitment to a sustainable and target-oriented approach, INTREC NSW committed to reducing their electricity costs by 65%, with 70% of energy consumed generated by Solar.

In mid-2018 INTREC was engaged under an Early Contractor Involvement model for the design and investigation of the University of Wollongong’s TLS (Thermal, LED & Solar) programme. The multi-stage TLS project fed into the University’s overall Master Plan to move towards a sustainable and innovative campus by reducing energy consumption by 20% over the next 15 years.

After the design phase, INTREC was appointed as the Managing Contractor for the delivery of TLS Stage 1, which included the installation of solar panels, LED lighting and thermal services across seven buildings. The projects were completed within a live operational environment over six months. Following the successful delivery of Stage 1, INTREC was appointed as the Managing Contractor for Stage 2 of the TLS programme which consisted of additional Solar PV and LED projects across 14 buildings and was recently completed in early 2020.

INTREC’s commitment to maintaining our reputation as an industry leader within the sustainability sector remains firm; our sustainability story is ongoing as INTREC continues to strengthen its unique capabilities on projects such as the University of Wollongong TLS upgrade and alike.

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