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Regional & Multisite

INTREC has extensive experience delivering interior refurbishment and construction projects across multiple sites within regional areas of Australia.


Across regional and metro areas, we prioritise the use of local trades on every project we undertake and have developed a valuable regional subcontractor base. We have found that sourcing local trades is advantageous to the local community and also ensures that subcontractors have a vested interest in the project they are undertaking. To do this, we publish tenders via the Estimate One website and Tenderlink.


Our refurbishment specialists can deliver projects running concurrently while carefully managing a tight programme, complex staging and live environment service shutdowns.


Since 2015, INTREC has delivered over 38 shop fronts for Service NSW, with 36 delivered in rural, regional locations. Between 2019 and 2020, the INTREC national team delivered mechanical and electrical upgrades at over 33 regional Government schools across NSW and QLD as part of the Cooler Schools Program. We are continuing to rollout ALDI store refreshes and extensions, with more than 110 completed to date. 


With projects often running concurrently, the success of the ALDI Project Refresh programme is a testament to our proficiency in managing multiple sites for a single client. It gives an indication of our capacity to deliver a high volume of projects in the far-reaching communities of NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC.

View some of our recent Regional and Multisite projects below.

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