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Our team is well-versed in delivering complex laboratories that require a strong attention to detail, high technical knowledge and intricate programming. We are capable of providing laboratories under Design & Construct, Minor Works, Construct Only and Construction Management contracts. We have delivered works across the Education and Health sectors for educational, research and medical purposes.

General works consist of the demolition of an existing teaching/laboratory space, including the removal of all services, followed by refurbishment and/or fitout. This often includes the installation of new equipment, services, mechanical works, and life safety systems that comply with the laboratory’s specifications.

We have delivered Physical Containment (PC) Certified laboratories as well as ISO Clean laboratories, which require ISO clean rooms and extreme care during the construction process. Over the years we have also delivered Dry Electronics, Wet Chemical, Electrochemical, Functional Coating Corrosion Science, Cell Culture Research, IVF Clinic, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories.

We have completed laboratory upgrades and refurbishments at the following institutions;

Notably, we have completed over 20 highly complex PC1, PC2, ISO5, ISO6, ISO7 and ISO8 laboratories at UNSW (regarded as one of Australia’s leading research universities) in the past 10 years. We have also completed laboratories in the Medical Centre at UNSW, including a Tissue Culture Lab which is currently under construction.


Our team understands the sensitivities required when operating within live environments, ensuring the project does not compromise any ongoing experiments in surrounding labs. Our vast expertise in delivering laboratories gives our team the ability to effectively manage challenges that arise throughout the construction process, including long lead times on lab equipment. An important aspect of a laboratory project that is often overlooked until it is too late is the commissioning stage. This is why we assign a dedicated team to proactively manage all required commissioning through the use of a Commissioning Management Plan. This plan is submitted to all stakeholders on the first day of the project and discussed at each PCG to ensure all requirements are captured well in advance.

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