A Brighter Future for Residential Living

Essentia is a cut above the rest with the installation of state-of-the-art technology. INTREC have worked alongside Mulpha to bring the development a fully integrated home and energy management solution to sustainable living.

Mulpha has a drive to create a seamless home that is smart and intuitive. They aim to provide each home with technology that blends into the background, initiating more convenient and functional living.  

Each home has been fitted with a home automation system. This system ties together each element of the home and allows homeowners to control their settings with a single touch. The features of the home automation system include intercom, a touchscreen control panel, pre-determined light and scene controls, as well as an optional air-conditioning automation.

The 10-inch wall touchscreen, located in the central living area of the home, offers a single integrated point of automated control. From here you can control lighting, air conditioning, audio, security system, CCTV and intercom. By reducing the number of switches in the home, Mulpha are creating a seamless experience for all users, reducing the amount of clutter from their homes.

Included in the home automation system is a mobile app that allows you to have full control of your home at your fingertips, be it at home or remotely. The app controls the lights, music, heating or cooling in each zone of the home, the locking and unlocking of your doors, and your security system whilst at home or when out and about. Furthermore, the app can show you how much energy your home grid is producing, how much power you’re using and when you are using it.

Each home also has twelve Q.Plus solar panels, SonnenBatterie storage, an all in one battery, and in-built smart living technology. Each solar panel has a guaranteed 25-year performance warranty and each battery storage has a longevity of 10,000 cycles. The solar technology will make Essentia one of the first large-scale developments to have fully integrated solar and battery storage solutions for all residents.

Solar power is the direct conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. The renewable energy source decreases the use of fossil fuels and has proven to be a more viable and economic option for households. 

Natural Solar have provided a unique solution for the Essentia development- an all in one hybrid energy storage system that combines a solar inverter, battery and battery management system into one compact unit. The system communicates between each element ensuring consistency and reliability.

On average, a 2-person household is estimated to consume 7500kWh of electricity and have a bill of $2300 (without solar and battery) per annum. A household will generally only consume 30-40% of power produced by a solar system due to a mismatch of power being produced during the day and power being used when residents are at home.

By combining solar energy and battery storage, families can store excess energy produced during the day and can expect anywhere from 70-90% energy autonomy. This will result in greater energy efficiency, as well as reduction of electricity costs per home (estimated savings of $1300 – $2000 per annum per home).

The battery storage allows people to monitor their energy consumption patterns therefore, creating an understanding of how and when they use their power. As a result, residents can make a conscious effort to reduce overall energy consumption.

The combination of the solar panels, the battery storage and the home automation system are a vital point of difference in the Essentia Town homes. The ability for households to automate, control, and monitor their consumption patterns will not only save families money, but educate and guide homeowners on how to live efficiently and sustainably.

INTREC are excited to be a part of an evolving way of living and an integral aspect of providing current and future generations a brighter way of living.

To hear more about INTREC’s Sustainability and Construction capabilities, please contact our National Client Relationship Manager, Amy Williams on 0451 155 663 or email

Video courtesy of Mulpha Australia Ltd