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In the Spotlight: Our valued subcontractors at Augusta State School

INTREC’s construction of a new 8 GLA Building at Augusta State School is progressing swiftly, with the installation of windows, external cladding, internal framing and electrical rough-ins well underway.

Putting into use the new-build experience gained from projects at Ipswich State High School and RMS Tweed Heads, the team engaged a network of reliable, experienced subcontractors with a proven track-record of commitment to quality and value.

A key subcontractor appointed for the current phase of works at Augusta State School has been On-Point Commercial Projects, who are currently completing the ceilings and partitions package. Our team sat down with Owen Brown, Director of On-Point Commercial Projects, to hear a little more about his experience and his involvement on the 8 GLA Building project.

Tell us about the works you’re carrying out. How much longer will you be onsite?

O: We’re currently completing all external and internal metal framing to Level 1, ready for all linings to be installed. We have about another 7-8 weeks left onsite.

How long have you been working with ceilings and partitions?

O: I’ve been in this trade for over 15 year now, starting as an apprentice plasterer and working my way to a Director role.

We’re seeing a huge amount of growth in the Western Corridor – our project at Augusta State School was designed to facilitate this growth. Have you been involved in any similar education projects in this area?

O: On-Point Commercial Projects have completed works all over Queensland, including the Western Corridor. Our Operations Manager Jeff Bertrand and I have worked on hundreds of schools projects across Australia – many of which are similar to the INTREC project at Augusta State School.

It’s fair to say you’re a bit of an expert in the field of ceilings and partitioning. Do you have a favourite part of the process?

O: One of the great things about working within various parts of an industry for over 15 years is you get the time to really find your niche and hone your craft. I’ve found the area I’m passionate about and where my best work gets done, and it’s in partitioning and ceilings.

Partitioning and ceilings are a crucial element in making sure that a job is able to move forward quickly from the outset, and that it flows smoothly at the back end of the project. It requires a high attention-to-detail, and we operate in a fast-paced environment, which are two of the reasons I enjoy the work.

I’m lucky that I have such a great team and we have an environment where everyone is on the same page. When you work in this industry and want to do your best work, it’s important to take the time to really understand your client’s needs, have a solid plan around how you’ll work with the broader project team, make sure all your resourcing is done correctly and your materials are ordered, all from the get-go. This is at the core of how we work and every job we do.

Our team get great satisfaction making sure that any job we are contracted to do is handed over on time and on budget. We’re always keeping up to date with the latest innovations in the industry and using new technology, materials and fixings to focus on continuous improvement in quality and efficiency. 

We completely agree – passion, people, attention-to-detail and quality are all elements INTREC consider carefully when appointing a subcontractor. Is there a part of your process that you find particularly challenging?

O: A challenging part of the process would be the attention-to-detail that must be given to the job from the start. We take a proactive approach and make it our priority to identify issues and rectify as early as possible to make sure it’s a seamless finish for handover.

How would you describe your experience working alongside INTREC (both in the past and on the current project at Augusta State School)?

O: Reliability, service quality, and mutual respect are some of the qualities we look for when choosing a partner to work with and INTREC tick these boxes. We look forward to working with them again. 

Is there an element of the Augusta State School project you like best?

O: We love what we do, and school projects are especially satisfying knowing that the next generation has the best possible facilities. The project is a great way to share our skillset and our focus on quality workmanship in a way that gives back to the community. I’m a father of two young children so knowing that great care and detail goes into building their schools is really important to me.  

For more information about our project at Augusta State School and how INTREC’s unique capabilities in the Education sector could benefit your next project, please get in touch with INTREC National Client Relationship Manager Amy Williams at or call 0451 155 663.