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August 5, 2019
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August 8, 2019

A Note from Clint – August 2019

The Property Industry Shift

With the Australian population predicted to reach 35.9 million by 2050, the property industry is shifting into a new arena. With an increasing population, demand for infrastructure rises and as a result, our roles are changing in nearly all parts of the property industry.

The Developer was once viewed as the unyielding patrol of the ‘bottom line,’ but is today viewed as the visionary partner.

The End User once silent, but today very vocal.

The Project Manager once controlled, but today collaborates.

The Architect once the Master Planner, but today restricted to simply design. 

The Builder once the Contractor, but today the Value Manager.

The Subcontractor once the installer, but today the specialist. 

The Tradesman once just the worker, but today the voice of reality.

For INTREC this shift has occurred in conjunction with our growth – we are a very different builder than we were 10 years ago. Today as builder, we hold expertise in Property Development, Design Management, Sustainability and Programme Management, all of which were once their own specialty in tightly held sectors.

I believe it is very important to know our place, although the ability to listen to the market and react accordingly is a huge strength of the business.

Clint Bragg