20 years – think big, think different

New Years Cricket Test Match
January 8, 2017
INTREC joined Haworth at the 2017 APIA International tennis
January 13, 2017

INTREC held their annual conference at Wanda Surf Club this August.

Twenty years of business has certainly taught us some lessons. But perhaps the most important lesson is to respect the value of relationships. Over the past twenty years’ staff, clients, consultants and contractors have come and gone from our industry and the ability to maintain long standing relationships has become invaluable to our success.

To “Think big and Think different” is a principle that keeps Intrec unique and exceptional. INTREC began in the most basic forms, starting off small and gradually building its way up, into something much more significant. Today the companies vision has grown, we are a national service provider to all levels of government, institution and corporates. Offering a full complement of service with skillsets very in advance of our competitors.

The story of LEGO has motivated me as it is a story of innovation, diversification and strategy. Lego has evolved through generations from a simple wooden block to the number One best branded company in the world. This led me to think how our INTREC goals will develop over the next three years. We are stepping up and progressing forward, scaling the business by expanding into new territories across the country. Similar to the once simple wooden LEGO block, INTREC has transformed and matured into something great.

Throughout the past 20 years INTREC has utilised our abilities in building a reliable and rock solid platform to ensure success. Thinking big and thinking different has transformed INTREC to what it is now; a success that focuses on long lasting relationships, effectively meeting the needs and desires of our client base. The phrase “never burn bridges” is so true in any industry.

The well-deserved INTREC Awards were:

‘Best Performing Project’ delivered by New South Wales: RMS Parramatta project – Dion Barnes, Phil Martin, Michael Bryant, Shehraiz Awan, Brady Millar

‘Best Performing Project’ delivered by Queensland: GPC project – Craig Dickson, Ian Meaton, Mark Shute

‘Best Performing Project’ delivered by Victoria: UEM – Mark Obushak, Phil Cross

‘Most Professional employee’ came in as a tie between Michael Bryant and Maree Walter.

The persons’ whom best demonstrate INTREC’s commitment to Health and safety – Sophie Ansell

The person who best demonstrates INTREC commitment to Client Satisfaction – Dion Barnes

INTREC’s team player award – John Andriolo

INTREC’s best mentor award is proudly presented to Brendan Forde.

I would like to also celebrate a happy and joyful 10 Years with INTREC’s Finest

Dennis Wong New South Wales Operations Manager

Peter Hayes Queensland State Manager

Craig Dickson Queensland BDM